May 21, 2012 04:20

From the Publisher

Are you feeling it?

There seems to be some good vibes in the air; however, I can’t quite put my finger on it. Ever since attending the IECA conference and trade show, I’ve had this feeling that the erosion and stormwater control markets are about to move up a few notches.

As I walked the trade show, I was pleased to see the increase in the size of the show floor and the many new exhibitors. Equally as important were the attendees, both in quality and quantity. We spoke with many of the vendors as well as those walking the aisles. Everyone seemed upbeat and looking forward to a better year.

A few months have passed since then and in talking with these people today, some of that business that they were expecting is coming to fruition. Hopefully, we’re finally out of the doldrums; business seems to be on the upswing.

During the downturn, the DOTs and public works kept some of us afloat. Contractors sought additional avenues to generate revenue, and some did. Now, by putting it all together, this market niche is showing new signs of life.

Like a rain that cleanses the atmosphere, downturns, recessions—whatever you want to call it—filters out those companies that had too much fat or couldn’t get their overhead in line. In plain words, they couldn’t compete in this new era, and simply went out of business.

However, those who survived learned some very hard lessons about staying lean and mean. This year should prove that they learned their lessons well. It is the beginning of new growth and it’s interesting to watch.

Maybe that’s what I’m feeling—a new vibrancy. How exciting is that?

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