May 24, 2017 07:02

Stormwater Fee on Agenda

In addition to regular charges for water and sewer usage, the Henderson City Commission in Henderson, kentucky, will consider approving the addition of a monthly flat stormwater fee for Henderson Water Utility (HWU) customers.

Customers with 3/4-inch, oneinch and one-and-one-fourthinch water meters, as most single-family private residences and businesses have, would see $5 monthly charges for stormwater. Most HWU customers would fall into the $5 bracket. Those with oneand-a-half-inch meters would pay $10, while two-inch meter customers would be billed at a flat rate of $25 for stormwater.

Fee Hike

The Metro Council in Nashville, Tennessee, voted unanimously by voice to advance a stormwater fee hike, intended to address a backlog of $207 million in stormwater needs. The overhaul puts a greater financial burden on Nashville’s largest commercial and residential property owners than existing rates.

Mayor Megan Barry’s proposal, which requires a third and final vote next month, would raise stormwater fees for 85% of Nashville's homeowners, and three out of every four businesses in town.

How much will depend on a property's amount of impervious surface area, which includes things like rooftops, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways that limit the entry of water. The majority of Nashville property owners pay a $3 monthly stormwater fee under the current model; that would double to $6 under Barry's plan. Fee rates for the city's smallest property owners would remain unchanged.

Also in Stormwater News

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