May 16, 2017 09:49

Western Excelsior Acquires NA Green

Western Excelsior Corporation recently announced from its Evansville, Indiana, offices that it has acquired Poseyville-based North American Green from Tensar International. The two manufacturers of erosion-control products will remain independent entities, but will be combining certain resources.

According to the statement, this will be an opportunity for both Western Excelsior and NA Green to make improvements to their process and products. Each will also gain greater access to markets across the country.

Cal Fire Shifts Environmental Review to Napa County

Officials in Napa County, California, will play a slightly bigger role in reviewing under what conditions mountain forests can be cut down for vineyards. The county already requires erosion-control plans when a proposed vineyard is to be constructed on a slope of 5% or greater.

One goal is to stop the cutting of trees from resulting in more soil running off mountain slopes, possibly harming reservoirs for local cities, such as Napa’s Lake Hennessey. From now on, Napa County will oversee environmental reviews for both the county erosion-control plans and the Cal Fire timber harvest plans.

Cal Fire officials said they want to make the change in part because Napa County’s requirements for erosion control are so sophisticated and go beyond the state requirements.

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