May 16, 2017 09:49

Major Cannabis Questions for Businesses

 It seems that every time I turn on the TV or read the newspaper, I’m seeing or reading about cannabis—or as it is commonly known, marijuana. As more states vote to make cannabis legal, I believe it leaves a lot of questions that need to be answered for business people.

Currently, almost half the states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Here is where some major questions have to be answered. If a doctor prescribes cannabis to one of your employees, how are you, as a business person, going to handle the situation?

Will you allow that individual to drive the company truck if he or she is using cannabis? If you allow them to drive, how soon after they have taken a dose would you let them behind the wheel? Another question to consider: if a person using cannabis gets into an accident, will your insurance cover the incident?

What about handling power equipment? Would you let this person work near the engine of a hydroseeding machine? If you were installing a silt fence, would you let him use a trencher?

The point I’m getting at is that there are calculated risks everyone takes when driving or using equipment. Are the risks higher when someone is using cannabis? And is your company willing to take that risk?

I know that some of the cannabis currently grown gives you less of a high than others. Still, you get a high of sorts, and I think it affects each individual differently. But I wonder about the risk, and if it’s worth it to the company.

I have no doubt that cannabis, used medicinally, helps to ease the pain for certain ailments. In doing some research, I’ve read about some of the results. If it works half as well as they say it does, it’s a marvel, possibly better than using pain killers or other pharmaceutical drugs.

Over the next few months or years, I’m sure we’ll have more answers. Those answers will lead us to a solution.

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