Feb. 3, 2017 10:00

Entertainment Company Fined

Oregon has slammed McMenamins Inc., with a $62,553 fine for illegally dumping pollutants into natural waterways. A recent inspection at the food, lodging and entertainment company’s Edgefield, Oregon location revealed rotten grain, hops, grapes and other debris in catch basins that drained into two local creeks. One creek also had red staining from the grapes along its banks.

The state complaint added that byproducts from distilling, winemaking, and brewery operations can decrease water clarity and clog fish gills, prevent egg or larval development, and suffocate newly hatched insect larvae. The complaint also revealed that the Edgefield location had been operating without an industrial wastewater permit since 1998.

Since receiving the fine, the company has applied for a state permit. It also took actions to cap storm drains and change its disposal methods of grapes, yeast and other potential pollutants.

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