Feb. 1, 2017 12:00

Grant Funds Stormwater Outreach for Businesses

A $95,000 grant from the Boeing Global Corporate Citizenship Program has been given to the Washington Stormwater Center to better educate businesses as to why stormwater regulations are important. The Puget Sound-based organization wants to make stormwater issues a reality for people who don’t see the direct results of pollution.

“Nobody wants to be told to do something for no reason, especially if it’s expensive or cumbersome,” says the center’s assistant director Tanyalee Erwin. Lisa Rozmyn, the business resource program manager, agrees. “We’re trying to bring science to a level that businesses can relate to,” she adds.

The Stormwater Center is a joint operation by Washington State University and the University of Washington, fueled by WSU’s stormwater research. They aim to use this information and the money to create new methods of outreach, including webinars, animated informative videos, and producing a video about the science behind stormwater runoff.

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