Feb. 1, 2017 10:00

There's No Question Our Country Will Change


As we enter the dawn of a new era, some of us are filled with optimism, while others are pessimistic, and still others are not sure. But there’s no question that our country will change. These changes will happen in many ways, but one thing I’m certain of is that we’re going to see a different business climate.

I don’t know how this will play out, but I do know that changes are coming. With all the appointments our new president is announcing, I think we’re in for a bumpy road. Many in and out of government want to reduce the power of the Environmental Protection Agency. They believe that this agency is overreaching its bounds and think it’s time to reel it in. Others fear that a number of social services will be cut.

As for me, I’ve never been a political animal and don’t aspire to work in any political position; I’m too busy trying to keep our business going and growing.

Suffice it to say that I’m looking forward to the future and to see what it holds—especially from a business standpoint. I can’t tell you what the future will bring; however, I can tell you that we should be seeing a lot of work for our market. In addition to what changes will be made and how they will affect us, we have another problem on the horizon; that is the labor shortage. Although I’ve been hearing of problems hiring skilled labor, it now seems that getting ANY labor is becoming very difficult.

The infrastructure of the entire country is in desperate need of repair. Bridges, roads and waterways cannot continue to carry the load they already do without repair. In addition, increased traffic will put an even bigger burden on them. But then I wonder, when these repair jobs open up, where we will get the labor to do the work?

There are many concerns out there. Concerns that will affect our lives, concerns that will affect our businesses, and concerns that will affect our future. So until we see how it goes, here’s to a roller coaster ride second to none. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

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