Nov. 22, 2016 04:15

From a weather standpoint, this has been a rough year.


Weather plays a major role in our everyday lives, and more importantly, it is an integral part of our business. Now, just when we think everything is beginning to settle down, Hurricane Matthew blows into town. And blow it did.

After looking at the damage Matthew has caused in Haiti, and the coastal states in the Southeast, we are very fortunate that the eye of Hurricane Matthew stayed slightly offshore. The property damage and loss of lives could have been much worse.

Now, there is much cleanup to do, and this will generate a fair amount of work for our industry. Actually, much of the weather this year has created work for our industry. The drought continued to take its toll in the western states, and then in mid-summer, watering restrictions were implemented in Northern Georgia and New Hampshire, due to severe drought.

The rains this summer in the Midwest and the spring rains in the Carolinas also helped erode soils; thus, we encountered more work. Although no one wants to see property destroyed or heavily damaged, and certainly no one want to see loss of lives, when the event is over, we jump in and help in the cleanup.

Let’s hope the rest of the year settles down to a more peaceful pace, but it’s not happening yet. Hurricane Nicole just made a direct hit on Bermuda, the strongest hurricane to affect the Atlantic archipelago in 13 years, with 113 mph winds. Luckily, it is weakening as of this writing.

Since this is our last issue of this year, on behalf of myself and our entire staff, I would like to be the first to wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season.

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