Oct. 28, 2016 06:53

A Need for Stormwater Control

When a slow-moving thunderstorm deposited 6-1/2 inches of rainfall in just two hours, it caused the Patapsco River to rise 14 feet. The flash flood devastated Ellicott City, Maryland, destroying building foundations, overturning cars and leaving two people dead. Another woman was rescued from her car by a chain of men locking arms together moments before it was swept away.

The flood is believed to be one of the worst in 244 years, surpassing Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

For several years, Maryland has been debating as to what stormwater control systems to implement.

Much of the debate is over how to pay for these systems and how to reduce pollution funneling into the Chesapeake Bay. A stormwater remediation fee, dubbed a “rain tax,” which could have helped with funding, was struck down by the Howard County Council earlier this year.

Also in Stormwater News

In many ways, we are fortunate that, in our chosen profession, we are able to help people when certain disasters occur: the tornadoes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Georgia, the flooding in Louisiana, the snows in the northeastern part of the country, the rain in California, and the snow in Colorado....

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