Oct. 16, 2016 06:52

Project Uses Floating Wetlands to Remove Algae

A new floating wetlands pilot program in Naperville, Illinois, is expected to clean algae from stormwater detention ponds without the use of chemicals or aerating fountains. It may also save money.

The greenery barges are expected to grow shoots six to eight feet long that will filter phosphorous and nitrogen from the pond; two elements that create algae growth in water. They also will provide a habitat for fish and fowl.

The pilot program was created by a recent high school graduate as part of her summer internship with the city. “I care about the environment and wanted to see how I could make my mark in the city of Naperville,” said Anneke Duin, who will be attending the University of Minnesota in the fall. Naperville is currently working with the Conservation Foundation to bring these floating wetlands to neighboring counties.

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