Oct. 8, 2016 06:49

Sewer Backup System Cost- Sharing Program Announced

The Winnetka, Illinois village council unanimously voted to bring back a cost-sharing program that will allow residents to recoup half the expense of installing sewer backup systems in their homes. The plan was originally proposed in 2014, but was abandoned due to budget concerns.

Some residents are worried that the measure won’t be enough. One citizen explained that he had installed a backup system, but heavy pressure from a recent storm caused a backup that ruptured a pipe in his house, causing severe flood damage.

Other solutions are also being considered. The council explained that they are negotiating with nearby areas to share stormwater storage space. The village has also seen success with a project completed last year which installed large storm sewers that funnel water to a lagoon on forest preserve property. No flooding has been reported in areas where the storm sewers were installed.

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