Oct. 4, 2016 06:49

Grant Awarded to Develop Stormwater Master Plan

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has awarded a grant to Jericho, Vermont, to develop a stormwater master plan as part of the state’s Clean Water Initiative. Jericho is partnering with the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission to create the plan.

The grant will be used to hire a consultant who will work with the current staff and boards to review preexisting data and on-the-ground assessments of the problem area to recommend projects. Conceptual plans and budget estimates will then be drawn up for six of those projects. The planners may look into green stormwater infrastructure retrofits for older subdivisions.

Completion of the stormwater master plan is anticipated in the spring of 2017. Projects recommended in the plan will be considered for action by the town. They will also be forwarded to the DEC for possible inclusion in both the Lamoille River and Winooski River Tactical Basin Plans.

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