Nov. 18, 2013 03:43

From the Publisher

As I look at the calendar, it’s hard to realize that 2013 is ending and a new year is upon us. For some reason, this year sticks out like a sore thumb. To say it was a different year is an understatement. There is no question in my mind that weather played a major role, and I’m wondering if this is the beginning of what is yet to come over the next number of years.

Are we really seeing a climate change? The rains that persisted on the East Coast and in the Midwest presented a number of problems; however, it also provided us with more work. The rains in Colorado and the mudslides that followed presented many challenges.

And then came the fires. They seemed to start early in the season. First New Mexico, then Arizona, then two started up almost simultaneously in Southern California…a few more in California, then Iowa. Before you knew it, we had stretched our resources to the limit, and I believe there will still be more fires to come this season.

Couple the fires with the rains and you can see why I say that this was a heck of a year. Wow!

Although all this created tremendous devastation, and tragically, some lives lost, it opens the door for our market to get in and help clean things up, and try to fix it. The areas where these fires took place need to be revegetated. Seed has to be planted so that the denuded areas can grow at least a little underbrush to slow the rains, when they come.

Unless there’s some cover, with the rains we’ll see mudslides, and that’s something no one wants. So what does 2014 hold in store for us? I believe we’ll see a stronger business climate. But more importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you health, happiness, and success in the holiday season, and in the New Year.

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