Jan. 13, 2014 03:33

From the Publisher

The International Erosion Control Association will hold its conference and trade show in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Opryland Hotel on February 25th to 28th. In addition to the trade show, the conference has a very strong educational program.

Trade shows and conferences should be an important part of the life of every professional who works in any industry. However, since we cater to the soil and water market, I feel very strongly that this event should be a focal point of the year.

Although we are a small industry, it is a highly specialized market and we need to be kept up-to-date on new techniques and new products. We publish this magazine to keep the information flowing all during the year, as do the other publications serving this market.

However, this is the one time of the year where it’s meaningful to not only attend some seminars, but to also visit the trade show. Here, you have the opportunity to look at and touch some of the products that are used in the field. Equally as important, by walking the trade show floor, you can discover some new products that you could probably use in some of your upcoming projects.

With governmental agencies, cities, and municipalities mandating more consideration to being ‘green,’ walking the trade show gives us an opportunity to see how much of what we do is environmentally compliant, and how ‘green’ we really are.

Soil erosion, streambank erosion and beach erosion have always been concerns; however, it seems that in the past few years, it’s happening with increasing frequency. In addition to what we’re already doing, we need to ask, are there other products or techniques that we can add to our menu?

Fires have also wreaked havoc over the last couple of years. In addition, these fires seem to be damaging more acreage than in the past. Our job is to get in quickly after the fires are out and begin to reseed the denuded areas, and get some growth before the rains begin to cause mass flooding.

Information about these challenges and much more can be found at the trade show. In addition, it’s a great place to renew acquaintances or begin networking again.

Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding will be there; how about you?

Come by and say ‘hello’.

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