July 31, 2016 09:16

Water Cleaning Islands

In Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, three small islands in a pond are helping to treat stormwater. The islands are constructed of recycled plastic wrapped in coir, tethered to the bottom of a stormwater retention pond and covered with native plants.

The plants’ roots pull some nitrogen, phosphorous and other suspended solids from the pond directly, but only five percent of the island’s nutrient uptake is done by the plants themselves. The islands are designed to be ideal platforms for growing a layer of microbes and bacteria, called a biofilm. This digests many more nutrients, and mimics the action of a natural bog or wetland.

Also in Stormwater News

In many ways, we are fortunate that, in our chosen profession, we are able to help people when certain disasters occur: the tornadoes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Georgia, the flooding in Louisiana, the snows in the northeastern part of the country, the rain in California, and the snow in Colorado....

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