May 16, 2016 04:32

From the Publisher

 Much has transpired since this year began. It seems to have started off with a bang—rain in the Midwest and Southeast, late snow and rain in the East, and in the West, plenty of snow and rain. Although Southern California did not receive the rain ‘punch’ expected from El Nino, it did produce a fair amount of moisture for Northern California. Couple that rain with the snowpack from Colorado and the Sierras, and I believe we’ll see a relaxation of the watering restrictions that were mandated last year.

Lots of rain and snow usually result in flooding. At this time, we are always concerned with floods and the disasters that they could bring. I hope they will be avoided this year.

In speaking with some manufacturers, it sounds like business is healthy. Almost everyone I spoke with seems to be busier than they were last year at this time, which is a good sign.

As the health of our nation improves, with any luck our government will begin to focus some of their efforts on retrofitting our structures, which are in desperate need of repair. Many of our systems and structures were built at the turn of the last century and they are beginning to fail, but the powers that be keep deferring the work that needs to be done. I would hope that they would begin to do some of these retrofits. This would help our industry with much needed work, and hopefully it would also help to avoid a disaster.

Creativity and imagination are on the rise. Our market has been developing new products and improving and making better use of the products we already have. By working more effectively, we can produce better, longer lasting results.

What a great opportunity for those of us in our industry! These really are exciting times.

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