April 15, 2016 09:50

Mayor Cited for Violating Regulations

The mayor of Escondido, California, violated state runoff control regulations when he resurfaced a parking lot last year without a stormwater control system.

Switching from compressed granite—a surface that allows for infiltration—to impervious asphalt required Mayor Sam Abed to install stormwater treatment systems and obtain a permit, which he did not do.

George W. Weir Asphalt Construction was hired to pave the parking lot in 2014. In response to the water board’s investigation, Abed said it had been the contractor’s job to handle the permits.

After investigating the mayor’s property, the State Regional Water Control Board then examined locations in the rest of the city. The board found six other properties that didn’t meet standards for diverting runoff. Board members are now considering mandating retrofits and fines to the other property owners they have found to be in violation.

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