April 11, 2016 09:50

Drainage Improvements in Flood-Prone Florida

Officials will close a major road in Brevard County, Florida, for more than a month while the county undertakes a nearly $800,000 stormwater improvements project.

Crews will work 12 hours per day, six days per week, to install a drainage culvert and perform other unspecified improvements. The job is part of ongoing drainage work to protect floodprone homes and businesses along the road being closed. The area suffered major flooding in 2008, during Tropical Storm Fay, and again during Hurricane Erin, as well as in other major storm events.

The project includes five separate drainage improvement upgrades. The largest involves installation of a new concrete box culvert adjacent to two existing box culverts, to increase the capacity of the drainage system and reduce the frequency and duration of flood events.

Utilities, including a lift station, overhead power lines and water and gas mains, pose the biggest obstacles to the project. The expected time of road closure is 40 days. The county director of public works said this installation is necessary before undertaking any other stormwater projects upstream.

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