April 9, 2016 09:49

Flooding in South Carolina

Residents of North Augusta, South Carolina, are in a legal battle with the state’s Department of Transportation over stormwater runoff. SCDOT constructed a discharge pipe under a highway nearby, and property owners say its discharge has been flooding their land.

Runoff from a nearby store’s impervious surfaces could be contributing to the flooding, but the county hasn’t made the relevant records public. A legal Motion to Compel and for Sanctions, filed in January, could force the Department of Transportation to reveal this information.

The city said it wasn’t responsible for the excessive runoff, which is believed to have caused more than hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage for some North Augusta residents.

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In many ways, we are fortunate that, in our chosen profession, we are able to help people when certain disasters occur: the tornadoes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Georgia, the flooding in Louisiana, the snows in the northeastern part of the country, the rain in California, and the snow in Colorado....

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