Feb. 3, 2016 01:02

Contractor Sues MnDOT, City

A contractor who worked on a highway in downtown St. Peter, Minnesota, is suing the city, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and two subcontractors. Shafer Contracting Co. is claiming $164,863 in material and time, to inspect and repair structures that failed prematurely after installation.

Among other sewer system improvements Shafer made, the contractor installed eight 10-footdiameter and 8-foot-diameter hydrodynamic separators. The underground structures, made to encourage separation of sediment and pollutants from stormwater, had become damaged and held abnormally high sediment levels.

The city discovered the damage during routine maintenance and inspection. Hydro International, the manufacturer of the separators, also inspected them and determined that the city’s equipment had been inadequate to keep them clean. Hydro blamed the city’s pre-existing stormwater sewer and flood levels.

Shafer argues it should not bear the cost of repairs because “it believes that the damages to the separators result from ownercaused problems, which include but may not be limited to inadequate maintenance by MnDOT or the City and/or record floods that the City of St. Peter had recently experienced,” according to court documents.

MnDOT and the city deny this, and all liability. Cretex Concrete products of Minneapolis, the subcontractor who purchased the separators from Hydro for Shafer, also denies any liability.

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