Jan. 27, 2016 01:00

Southern California Prepares for Storms

La Cañada, a suburb of Los Angeles, is in a better position to handle heavy rains from El Niño this winter, thanks to recent improvements in the city’s watershed management system. The city saw several mudslides in 2010. Since then, the public Works Department has been working in conjunction with city officials to improve the stormwater management and capture system in and around la Cañada.

The county has increased the storage capacity at four of the city’s debris basins—from a combined 162,000 cubic yards to 215,300 cubic yards—an increase of more than 75 percent. Additionally, the Department of public Works has installed a 650-foot, 84- inch basin relief drain designed to accommodate 1,300 cubic feet of water per second.

The municipality’s proximity to the los Angeles river adds a sense of urgency, to protect the area with facilities that are better able to handle the natural watershed.

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