Jan. 20, 2016 12:56

Stormwater Project Annoys the Locals

Construction crews laying storm pipes in rock Hill, South Carolina, have caused some headaches for local residents. They left equipment and debris in front of one woman’s home for days at a time. In one instance, they couldn’t find the key for a compactor that was blocking her mailbox. They had to bring in a lift to pick it up by its straps and carry it away.

The site is one of four areas that flood whenever rock Hill receives heavy rainfall. The town is using funds from a $4 million state loan to pay for putting in a new culvert in front of the resident’s house.

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In many ways, we are fortunate that, in our chosen profession, we are able to help people when certain disasters occur: the tornadoes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Georgia, the flooding in Louisiana, the snows in the northeastern part of the country, the rain in California, and the snow in Colorado....

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