Dec. 3, 2015 07:50

Ohio Court Rules In Favor of Stormwater Program

For more than two years, the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court has been sitting on almost $20 million, the amount collected from consumers in stormwater management fees. In 2013, eight suburban communities challenged a stormwater program set up by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, resulting in the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals ruling that the sewer district had overstepped its authority. The millions of dollars thereby remained in escrow.

Soon, however, the program will be restarted. The Ohio Supreme Court recently voted that the sewer district does indeed have the authority to implement a stormwater management program and to charge property owners for services. The sewer district will request that the $20 million be released, which will allow them to begin work on projects long-stalled by legal action.

Julius Ciaccia, executive director of the sewer district, said that there are several projects ready to be addressed: stream restoration to prevent erosion, and debris removal to prevent flooding.

The ultimate goal will be for “communities to work together in harmony to make intelligent decisions on development with regard to stormwater,” said Ciaccia.

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