Nov. 27, 2015 07:49

City Will Pay to Settle

The EPA has fined the city of Rockford, Illinois, $329,395 for failing to implement proper stormwater controls. Since 1996, when it received permits under the Clean Water Act, the city believed it had been meeting federal standards. But a federal audit in 2007 revealed several deficiencies.

Now, the city must meet stormwater management requirements in order to avoid further penalties. This will include a $5.3 million annual expense, which means having to tighten the city budget. The city council will also be asked to implement a master plan for controlling flooding and ensuring quality of water. Parts of the plan will include cleaning 30,000 stormwater inlets, repairing sewers, and improving the city’s street sweeping program.

Also in Stormwater News

In many ways, we are fortunate that, in our chosen profession, we are able to help people when certain disasters occur: the tornadoes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Georgia, the flooding in Louisiana, the snows in the northeastern part of the country, the rain in California, and the snow in Colorado....

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