Sept. 21, 2015 08:19

EPA Fines Developer

Officials with the EPA have settled with the owner of Garden Homes in Trenton, New Jersey, over the company’s failure to control stormwater discharges. Zygmunt “Zigi” Wilf, the company owner, must pay the federal agency in both fines and acreage.

According to the settlement, Wilf must provide 108 acres of land for preservation within the Highlands Preservation Area in Morris County. This is intended to protect the area from future development. The land must include 23 acres of wetlands adjacent to the state’s critical drinking-water protection area, the Berkshire Valley Wildlife Management Area.

In addition to the land, Wilf must also pay a $225,000 fine. Wilf should not have a difficult time settling this cost, since he is also the principal owner of a national football team, the Minnesota Vikings.

Also in Stormwater News

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