July 22, 2015 09:37

Demonstration Project Opens

Roberts Academy in East Price Hill, Ohio, is home to thirteen acres of bioswales, rain gardens and wetlands, thanks to a $358,000 project funded equally by federal grant money and local funds. The project diverts more than one million gallons of stormwater annually, and filters out nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment in the stormwater that does enter Mill Creek.

The project, designed by McGill Smith Punshon and Allison Landscaping, completed installation last November. Now that the native plants are starting to grow, the new lawn is open for business. The only remaining step is to install educational signs along the walking trail for students and community members.

“For us, this project is really about water-quality improvement in the Mill Creek and stormwater management, but the benefits go far beyond that,” said Jennifer Eismeier, executive director of the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities. “We’re so pleased that we’re supporting the next generation of environmental stewards with an outdoor classroom that will grow with them.”

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