July 15, 2015 09:29

Five-Year Creek Restoration Targets Flood Protection

For a long time, prairie grass roots were the only thing protecting Nippersink Creek from a dramatic erosion process in Illinois. Now, three-and-a-half miles of the creek, along with 507 acres of prairies and wetlands in McHenry County Conservation District’s Glacial Park, are receiving massive restoration efforts. The work is part of a five-year ecological restoration project managed by ENCAP Inc.

The project will focus on rebuilding creek banks, installing artificial rapids, and getting rid of invasive species like buckthorn. In fact, four years of the project will concentrate on preventing buckthorn and other invasive species from proliferating.

Such plants have caused ancient oak trees to suffer from branch loss.

The newly sloped banks of the creek will also help alleviate some flooding downstream. Nippersink Creek will play a big role in restoring Glacial Park as a flood plain, as one acre can capture 325,851 gallons of flood water in its soil.

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