July 15, 2015 12:26

From the Publisher July 2015


Due to our sister publication, Irrigation & Green Industry magazine, we seem to be more aware of the weather. We monitor rain events and droughts very carefully, because we know how much these events impact our markets.

So we’ve been carefully following the events of the drought in Texas and parts of Oklahoma. They were in severe drought conditions for four years. As each year passed and no rain came, more mandates were implemented to help conserve water.

It got to a point where even trees were not allowed to be watered.

The result was that millions of trees in the state of Texas died. This was a catastrophe, but what followed this year was even worse.

Earlier this year, the rains finally came to Texas and Oklahoma.

However, it was more than just normal rains, it was a deluge. In some parts of Texas, they received 11 inches of rain in about four or five hours. In addition, the rains kept coming and before you knew it, the ground couldn’t absorb any more water and the flooding began.

With the rivers and streams cresting, the loss of life was substantial and cannot be counted in dollars; however, the loss of property can be counted and it is in the billions.

Now, we have our work cut out for us. We have to do the cleanup. We need to keep the soil from eroding even further. We will have to repair the beds that straddle the lakes and rivers; we will have to move some of the topsoil back to where it was and plant vegetation to cover runoff during a normal rain event in the future.

We have a lot of work to do, and we’re grateful for the work. But it came at a very high price. If and when the rains come to California—to break the drought—we pray it won’t come in this form.

We’re hoping for a ‘normal’ rain event.

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