July 13, 2015 12:33

$1.51 Million To Repair Damage From Landslide

debris landslide

Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia, has found a low-bidding contractor to fix the damages caused by a landslide back in March. For $1.51 million, S&E Clearing and Hydroseeding will remove the slide and stabilize the hill, and will take no longer than 120 days to do so.

The safety-overrun area of the airport was most affected by the landslide, which was triggered by heavy rains. The event was followed by a secondary slide, which resulted in the removal of as much as a third of an engineer-fill project meant to accommodate a 400-foot-long Engineered Materials Arresting System safety zone (EMAS). The collapse led to the destruction of several private properties and a church, in addition to the damage to the EMAS.

S&E plans to fix the problems at Yeager by creating three stair-step benches equipped with drainage systems, at 50-foot intervals in elevation to stabilize the runway slope. Debris and earth taken from the slope will be piled as high as 60 feet in a fill-zone on airport property. 

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