May 19, 2014 11:41

Product Focus

Inlet/Outlet Drain

The Mitered Drain is available for use with culverts, under sidewalks, in planter areas, creeks, swales or any other difficult-todrain location. It can be used as either an inlet or an outlet.

Mitered Drain, when used in conjunction with bioswales, maximizes their effectiveness by keeping water on the surface longer, allowing for more complete filtration of contaminants. It helps eliminate standing water in low spots and reduce stagnant water in pipes.

It is available in five different pipe sizes: 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” and 12”. Mitered Drains Circle 614 on Reader Response Card

All-In-One Tackifier

The first in its line of Tornado Tackproducts, Profile Products introduces the Straw Tack-1000, a new, all-in-one, high-loading straw tackifier. Tornado Tack ST-1000 gives contractors twice the coverage of a traditional blended mulch and tackifier while providing the strongest environmentally safe bond, and is biodegradable.

It features a high-loading formulation and 500 pounds-per-acre application rate. Tornado Tack can be loaded at up to 70 pounds per 100 gallons. It will yield double the coverage of traditional blended mulch and tackifier.

One 3,000-gallon tank can cover up to four acres.

In addition to a base composition of wood cellulose fiber, Tornado Tack contains patented interlocking fibers and porous ceramic particles that combine with the tackifier providing high bulk density and bond strength to the ground. Profile Products Circle 613 on Reader Response Card

Heavy Duty Inlet Device

Triangle Stormwater Solutions has introduced its PID HD Model 1, inlet drain protection device. Some of the features are: no exposed inlets, no sharp protruding posts, and no cumbersome, unstable cloth wire. Other features include no accumulation of sediment and other foreign objects within the stormwater drainage system, making it safer for children and animals during non-working hours. It’s the only inlet protection that can be moved.

Made of heavy-duty steel, it allows for much easier basin access for employees and inspectors. Independent testing showed the PID HD 1 was 86% effective in soil retention and 95% in seepage effectiveness.

Product ships flat from Triangle Stormwater Solutions for reduced shipping costs. Some assembly required. Triangle Stormwater Solutions Circle 612 on Reader Response Card

Interstate Median Inlet Protection

An oval SedCage with the cambered bottom works with the V-grates often found in Interstate medians. Its strength comes from the welded rod frame that supports a monofilament geotextile every 36 square inches. It is so durable it is guaranteed for 2 years against failure due to natural causes of rain, floods, wind, or sediment.

The device is installed without removing the grate, simply place the fully assembled SedCage on the grate and surround it with sandbags.

Catch basins in medians often have to be rebuilt as part of the reconstruction. Contractors can install a Sed- Cage when the project begins. When it is time to do the repairs to the basin, they can remove the device in minutes, complete the repair or replacement of the basin, and replace the original SedCage. SedCatch Environmental Products Circle 611 on Reader Response Card

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