May 15, 2015 06:08

Product Focus


Riverdale Mills has introduced Geomesh, a solution for soil stabilization, erosion and flood control.

The welded wire is used to construct gabions and mattresses for retaining walls, riverbank aprons, bridge abutments, earth dams and channel linings. It is designed to withstand movement without loss of structural efficiency.

Riverdale’s fully integrated plant in Massachusetts can certify that products meet the appropriate ASTM specifications where applicable, and has the ability to meet the requirements of “Buy America,” upon request.

Geomesh is available in galvanized after welding, stainless steel and galvanized after welding with a marine-grade PVC coating. It is produced in a variety of mesh patterns, sizes and gauges.

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Anchors for holding erosion blankets, geotextiles, liners, landscape fabric, gabions and more are available from American Earth Anchors. With a minimum disturbance of the soil, these anchors are easy to install in all conditions.

They’re available in 3" diecast aluminum Bullet or 3" galvanized steel Arrowhead anchors with 1/8" X 36" galvanized/stainless cable. The complete assembly includes a strong, high-density polypropylene 3.5" green anchor disk with slots for root penetration, and an aluminum Quickvise with galvanized steel jaws for ultimate gripping of the cable. It holds up to 1,100 lbs of pullout resistance. American Earth Anchors Circle 615 on Reader Response Card

Reusable Sediment Barrier

Heavyweight Sediment Control Solutions has designed the DuraWattle to be a most durable sediment barrier. It tests at 96.6% sediment retention (ASTM D7351). The wattle is reusable, lightweight and easy to install. One order can be used for multiple jobs, and for multiple years.

Dura Wattle is designed for sidewalk, soil, or hard-surface applications. It is compressed to 1,800 feet and shipped on pallets. Heavyweight Sediment Control Solutions Circle 616 on Reader Response Card

Geocellular Confinement Systems

Geoweb geocells from Presto Geosystems are a 3D network of interconnected cells that confine and control the uppersoil layer. They stabilize the soil and make it resistant to erosive forces. The Geoweb system delivers reliable and economical solutions for soil stability problems.

Geocell confinement systems are commonly used in highway construction applications, including roadway embankments, bridge abutments, swales, stormwater ditches, roadway base stabilization and road shoulder stabilization. They are also used for mild-to-steep slope protection, channels of varying velocities and vegetated retaining walls.

Perforations in the cell walls encourage vegetative root lock-up and the passage of water and nutrients for a healthier soil environment. In addition to vegetation, the confinement system also confines aggregate for permeable embankments and becomes a hard-armored solution with concrete infill.

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