March 17, 2015 12:12

From the Publisher

Sitting here in California, with the temperatures running above normal, I was looking at the news on the TV last night when I heard and saw pictures of the snowy winter weather in Boston and New England; and now they’re expecting another foot of snow this weekend.

I’m told that the damage snow and ice does to the roads and bridges is shocking. I’ve visited the East Coast a number of times and, especially after the winter snows, you can see the toll taken on the roads. The sides are crumbling, there are large pot holes in the roadways, and the damage the salt does to vehicles is horrendous.

Now my mind begins to wander some, and I think of the additional damage caused to the bridges and I begin to wonder, how are we ever going to begin to repair the infrastructure of our highways, roads and bridges? More importantly, when? As we get further behind, we’re leaving the next generation and the generation after that with a financial burden that could bankrupt them. Yet without repairs, they will have roads that will be impossible to drive on and bridges that are on the verge of collapse.

I don’t think that’s the legacy we want to leave future generations. We need to get started now. Even then, there are so many roads that are in disrepair and so many bridges that are in serious need of renovation that putting a band-aid on won’t do the trick. With all the repairs that need attention, even if we started now, I question if we even have the manpower to do it all in a timely manner.

If we can get our representatives in Washington to make this a priority, there will be billions of dollars involved and tons of work for our market. But, most importantly, we will begin to put safety back on the roads and take some of the financial burden off of the legacy we will leave future generations.

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