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2014 Election Results 

The IAHP conducted its annual election of directors and officers beginning on October 22 and continuing through November 30. Members who attended the Green Industry Expo in Louisville voted personally. The remaining membership received their ballots via email. Completed ballots were accepted through November 30. The directors and officers for 2015 are as follows:


Ray Badger, CEO, Turbo Technologies

Wally Butman, Vice President of Sales, Profile Products

Ron Ciolfi, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Finn Corp

Ed Dugan, Northeast Bowie Sales

Chris Thomson, Maritime Hydroseed

Doug Holmgren, Turfblasters


• President, Alex Szigedi, NC Hydroseeding

• Vice President, Kevin Huber, Challenger Hydroseeding

• Secretary, Steven Davidson, Earth Groomers Inc.

• Treasurer, Stephen Serafin, Quality Landscapes

The IAHP is Upgrading Again!

The IAHP is currently making extensive improvements to its website, www.hydroseeding.org. The new website will be the premier site for the entire hydroseeding industry including contractors, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers. The site will be more functional and offer more information for all users as well as the Hydroseeding Support Forum and the HydroSeedingExperts.com contractor listing. Contractor members will have more opportunities to interact with dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and potential customers. Online educational seminars will be offered to elevate Certified Hydroseeding Professionals and IAHP members above their competition.

International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals Announces Its Hydroseeding Certification Program The IAHP is proud to announce that it has released its Hydroseeding Certification Program to the Industry. A number of companies have already completed the qualification and testing phases of the program and are now recognized as Certified Hydroseeding Professionals. As the program moves forward it is meant to become the standard in the industry by which professional hydroseeding contractors can be recognized. To qualify for the program the applicant must exhibit knowledge and experience in the hydroseeding industry and then pass a rigorous exam designed to test the applicants knowledge in Basic Hydroseeding, Business Operations, Soil and Fertility Basics, Turfgrass Science and Erosion Control.

For information regarding the process for qualifying for and completeing the Certification process visit the IAHP website www.hydroseeding.org.

Certification Program Goals:

The Certified Hydroseeding Professional Program is designed to recognize that the individual exhibits an understanding and knowledge of the accepted practices used in the hydroseeding industry. To become certified, the individual must meet a combined point system which includes education, field experience and professional training and be a current member of the IAHP in good standing.

The qualifications and application for the online exam can be found at the IAHP’s website, www. hydroseeding.org. The online CHP seminars will continue through March 2015. Register online at the IAHP’s website. Online seminars are conducted by industry professionals and are approximately one hour long. The seminars are interactive and no travel is required. Beginning May 1, 2015, Certified Hydroseeding Professionals will be given priority placement on the IAHP’s HydroSeedingExperts.com website. Now is the time to get certified!


The IAHP is an organization made up of hydroseeding companies, industry suppliers and industry manufacturers. The mission statement for the IAHP is to lead the hydroseeding industry by being the single best source of education for seeding contractors, the industry and the public. To unify and unite the industry and provide a medium for fellowship, business growth, education, and for promoting an awareness of our industry among any interested parties.To provide knowledge, service and help without bias to those with an interest in our industry.

For more information regarding the IAHP Certification and the organization itself please visit our website www.hydroseeding.org.

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