Nov. 6, 2014 11:02

IECA Announces On-Site Education System

IECA, the International Erosion Control Association, has announced a program called IECA on Location.  IECA faculty are experts in erosion, sediment control, stormwater management, surface water restoration, and MS4 management. This new service provides employers with the opportunity to conduct classes on the site of their business.

IECA tailors the courses offered to meet the needs of interested organizations. The program offers flexibility; employers have the option to select the time and date of training, ensuring they will fit in any schedule. Most courses cost $2,000 for full-days and $1,500 for half-days.

“IECA on Location is an affordable solution for those concerned about expenses normally associated with conference attendance,” says Jimmy Eanes, IECA’s education director. IECA is a non-profit organization focused on preventing and containing erosion and sediment issues.

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