March 21, 2011 04:57

Product focus

Retaining Wall Units

Keystone introduces the 133 Elite retaining wall units for large wall applications. Each unit yields 1.33 square feet of face area, 33% larger than standard units.

Its 8" x 24" face dimension creates a larger-scale look, aesthetically matching the larger wall look and feel, while reducing the number of units and pins required to complete the job.

The wall units feature specially designed natural textures to portray the perfect stone appearance. It can also satisfy various design requirements from corners to sweeping curves. Keystone Circle 516 on Reader Response Card

Dust Abatement

A complex copolymer originally developed for the U.S.

Government to control fine particulate hazardous dust, SD605 is now available for commercial use. When applied with water, SD605 develops a hardened surface with penetration into the dust bed up to 14". Surface traffic compresses the dust and product mixture to form a dense surface to subsurface matrix, to provide long-term dust control.

It is available in 1, 2.5, and 5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, and 1000 liter caged totes. NaEx Corporation Circle 518 on Reader Response Card

Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Gateway Safety recently announced the addition of a 3.0 magnification to its line of safety eyewear. The Scorpion Mag and StarLite Mag bifocals are now available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 diopter strengths.

Features include adjustable-length ratcheting temples, a soft “fingertip” nose piece and a venting system that helps minimize fogging.

They meet or exceed the ANSI Z87.2+ standard.

Gateway Safety Circle 517 on Reader Response Card

Flexible Growth Medium

Flexterra is a High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium (HP-FGM) that offers more than 99% erosion control effectiveness immediately upon application.

The product consists of 100% recycled and phyto-sanitized wood fibers and 100% biodegradable crimped interlocking fibers. The micro-pore particles optimize water and nutrient retention while increasing wet bond strength and increasing resistance to sheet flow.

Hydraulically applied, FMG’s 100% non-toxic biopolymers and water absorbents further enhance vegetative establishment. Profile Products Circle 519 on Reader Response Card

Also in Soil Erosion News

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