Nov. 21, 2011 04:38

From the Publisher

Since the collapse of the building boom, we’ve seen our market slowly go into a decline. Although we were all hoping for the economy to improve, it didn’t. Then came Obama’s stimulus program, and again we were hoping for some relief.

It seemed like a perfect opportunity to get this country moving again, but alas, it failed miserably. I’m not very politically savvy, but I realized that by handing this stimulus money to the cities and municipalities, very little—if any—was going to filter down to where it would make a difference.

The infrastructure of roads, bridges, waterways, etc., in many parts of our country is in dire need of repairs. What a great time this would have been to get our people back to work and make these necessary repairs. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Now, Obama wants to do another stimulus program, only this time he calls it a jobs program, and many in Congress are objecting to it and voted it down, but it is not entirely dead.

Because of all the commotion about this program, Obama has appointed a board to come up with suggestions and ideas about how to get this program underway. The board is made up of CEOs of major corporations, business people, and others in the private sector.

They realize that unless the money filters down to the private sector, it won’t get anyone back to work. They are focusing on how to put people back to work, and one of their ideas is repairing our infrastructure.

Wow! Wouldn’t that be exciting? Repairing and rebuilding our roads, highways and waterways will directly impact our industry in a positive way.

So, once again I’m excited about the prospect, and hope they come up with something that will spur economic growth and get our people back to work!

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