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New Supplier and Manufacturer Memberships Beginning November 1, the IAHP will offer two Supplier/Manufacturer memberships:

The National Supplier Membership, $250 annually, offers the following:

Your logo and a brief company description are listed on the IAHP’s Supplier Member’s page and linked to your website. Our internet tracking indicates that these links are often followed. If you also sell retail to end users, your company can also be listed on the Dealers page.

One Stop Shopping Referrals submitted by prospective and current hydroseeding contractors through the IAHP website requesting information on supplies and machines. These requests are then forwarded to all IAHP Supplier and Manufacturer members. These are often the highest quality leads since contractors entering the industry are hungry for information about machines and supplies.

As a Supplier & Manufacturer member, you have the opportunity to provide training for groups of up to 12 contractors simultaneously as a Certified Hydroseeding Professional facilitator. Each CHP online seminar can be conducted from virtually any location and is one hour long.

Your associates will have the opportunity to establish themselves as industry experts and your support of the industry will create a positive image of your company and your willingness to promote its growth. When was the last time that any of your representatives was able to engage 12 contractors, uninterrupted, in one hour?

IAHP Supplier & Manufacturer members are encouraged to submit press releases for inclusion in our newsletters and our online Hydro seeding Support Forum. Your IAHP membership helps you to expand your audience for special promotions, new products, samples and company events. IAHP members prefer to buy from suppliers and manufacturers who support their association. Being part of our community gives our members and the world a positive impression and promotes your brand.

Supplier & Manufacturer members are encouraged to participate in our online Hydroseeding Support Forum. As I am writing today, the forum boasts 31,690 posts in 4,639 topics by 1,539 members. Every supplier and manufacturer will be able to engage more contractors in conversations regarding their products in one hour than multiple representatives can engage in weeks of travel without the expense.

The Regional Dealer Membership, $175 annually, is available to those who sell products manufactured by oth ers in a limited region and includes the Supplier & Manufacturer benefits listed above.

Associates may be added to either membership for $15 annually.

Hydro seeding Support Forum The IAHP’s Hydroseeding Support Forum will add dedicated forum sections for each of the major machine manufacturers including: Bowie, Easy Lawn, Eden Equipment, Finn, Kincaid and Turfmaker.

Designated sections for each manufacturer will allow company representatives to engage those who are using their equipment or are considering purchasing their equipment without requiring contractors to search the forum for company representatives and vice versa. Manufacturers are encouraged to participate in the forum to communicate with their end users, known and unknown.

Would you like to advertise with us?

Contact us at 412-241-2340 to purchase your banner ad in our newsletter or on our Hydroseeding Support Forum. Purchase a forum section that’s dedicated exclusively to your company and get your first month free. Build a community of users of your products. There is no more effective marketing than recommendations from trusted users.

Don’t Forget!

Certified Hydroseeding Professional online seminars begin Wednesday, November 2 at 7:30 p.m. EST with “Flocculants: Meeting the New EPA Guidelines” facilitated by Melissa Schrand, Innovative Turf Solutions. Melissa is one of our most popular seminar presenters. You can find the entire 2011–2012 seminar schedule and online registration at

IAHP election of 2012 officers and directors will be conducted beginning October 27, 2011 at the GIE Expo.

Members in good standing as of October 15, 2011 will receive their ballots either in person at the expo or via email during the first week of November. Ballots must be submitted on or before November 30, 2011. Election results will be published in the January/February issue of Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding. The candidates are:

Director – Ed Dugan, Northeast Hydroseeder Sales Secretary – Norman A Gray, Transit Seeding Inc. Treasurer – Doug Holmgren, The Corporate Grounds You will find biographies of the candidates in the September/October issue of Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding.

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