Jan. 16, 2012 04:27

John A.A. Thomson / Erosion Control Goes Digital

John A.A. Thomson

Five days after reaching his 100th birthday, Dr. John A. A. Thomson passed away peacefully. Thomson headed Vitamin Institute, the company he started 72 years ago. He was still engaged in the daily operations of his company until a few months ago.

Holding a Ph.D in biochemistry, Thomson started his company in 1939, developing the SUPERthrive formula. Throughout World War II, SUPERthrive was used to transplant mature trees for defense plant camouflage; improve soil conditions where salt interfered with plant success; increase production of guayule rubber; and plant and sustain low-dust turf landing fields.

His daughter, Patrisha Thomson, takes over as president and will continue her father’s legacy of improving horticultural and agricultural crops with the firm’s sole product.

Erosion Control Goes Digital

The International Erosion Control Association (IECA) just announced the launch of its first podcast series. The series, titled Clearing the Waters, aims to provide listeners with an insider’s look at the IECA’s annual conference and expo.

Listeners tuning in to the podcast can expect to hear a wide array of guests, including conference speakers, IECA committee members and association staff. The guests will speak on a variety of topics ranging from environmental education to the nuts and bolts of conference planning.

“The podcast series . . . is a great way for industry professionals to get a behind-the-scenes look at our annual conference, Environmental Connection 2012,” said IECA Executive Director Russ Adsit.

The IECA is set to debut Clearing the Waters in anticipation of their 2012 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to be held from February 26-29. They plan to release one episode each week leading up to the conference.

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