Jan. 16, 2012 04:27

From the Publisher

I’m looking forward to the New Year with renewed vigor. I’ve come to the conclusion that the way we did business only a few years ago no longer works today.

When the housing boom started, it set up a pattern for other markets as well. In an effort to keep up with the demand for more housing, raw land was developed. This land was planned out and new roads had to be built. As each builder or developer built larger projects, they had to construct streets and cut pads for new homes. All of this required our expertise. We were needed to help the builders and developers comply with NPDES II.

It's hard to determine how many hundreds of thousands of feet— if not millions—of silt fencing material was used in any given year. How many straw wattles were used, berms built, the millions of yards of geo-synthetics used, as well as Bonded Fiber Matrixes (BFMs). Our market niche enjoyed the benefits of that building frenzy.

Unfortunately, when the boom came to a screeching halt, none of us were really prepared for it. We were caught up in all the excitement of all the work we were getting.and it felt as if it wouldn't end. However, it did end. Many of us now realize that we'll probably never see those halcyon days again, especially in the lifetime of our careers.

To be sure, there's still some building going on and work being done, however, since we increased our appetite and capacity to do more, we now need the work to keep coming. Even though many of us have downsized, we have to find additional revenue streams and this requires some creative marketing.

I believe there are other opportunities that we have to explore.

Once we find the key that will open that door, we will be back on track again for upward growth.

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