March 19, 2012 04:23

From the Publisher

As the ‘going green’ movement

gains more momentum and more attention, the pressure will be on us to not only produce quality work, but to do so in a fashion that will also be eco-friendly.

We need to look more closely at this movement; there are driving forces behind it. Being environmentally compliant and eco-green sustainable are buzzwords that should make you take notice. We can, and should take advantage of them.

I believe that there will be some excellent opportunities for the contractor, as well as the manufacturer and the distributor of these eco-green products. Sales of native plant material and drought-tolerant seed for turf—as well as shrubs—are heading upward; so are organic materials. Even the use of fertilizers is being more closely looked at.

More and more municipalities are taking a position about being ‘green’. Take a look at the LEED buildings. If you’re not familiar with them, the U.S. Green Building Council set up parameters for builders to use eco-friendly, energy-saving and recycled products when constructing a new building. Each building receives a rating based on the amount of eco-friendly material that goes into its construction. Nowadays, when a new commercial building goes up, chances are the specs call for it to be a LEED building.

That’s for the structure itself; there are also plans for the landscape. The American Society of Landscape Architects, working in conjunction with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, is working to create voluntary national guidelines and performance benchmarks for sustainable landscapes.

So the buzz is all around that everything is ‘going green’. We can capitalize on it. If we hone up on our knowledge in this area, we can help the municipalities, cities, and DOTs show the public that they can be good corporate and good public citizens by working within the framework of eco-green.

It will not only be good for business—it is good business.

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