March 19, 2012 04:23

Critics Rail against Agapanthus

A popular plant with erosion control applications is being criticized by an anti-weed lobbying group. Despite Agapanthus’ remarkable ability to hold soil together, some agro-lobbyists would like to see it added to the list of pest plants, while the most hard-line members of the group want to see the plant eradicated altogether.

Agapanthus has its defenders, as well. It is a long-lived plant that tolerates hot or cold temperatures, wet or drought conditions, wind, salt, poor soils, moderate-shade, heavy damage and sea immersion of root stalks and seeds. The roots are actually strong enough to keep soil and clay banks together during heavy rainfall.

Some of the same properties that make Agapanthus such an effective erosion prevention tool also make it a virulent invasive, says agro-lobbyists opposed to the plant.

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