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noun - machines used to prevent erosion by blowing an area with a mix of seed and mulch.

With a variety of hydroseeders available on the market, we at Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding offer a quick glance of the different equipment available.

Epic Manufacturing (above) features the Landscaper Series. These units offer jet agitation and are available in 100- to 900-gallon capacity. In addition, the Contractor Series are truck-mounted units that range in size from 600 to 3300 gallons and feature an industry exclusive Smart Sense, load sensing, pressure compensating hydraulic system.

Peterson Corporation offers blower trucks and trailers that are high capacity tri-lobe, providing increased airflow and production.

Finn Corporation has a number of machines with a liquid capacity of 335 gallons to 3300 gallons. The smaller equipment can be mounted on pickup trucks. The engines range from 15 hp to 115 hp, with variable speed agitation and 100% hydraulically driven mechanical paddle agitation.

Finn Corporation’s bark blowers have a capacity ranging from 6.5 cubic feet to 15.7 cubic yards. The hp of the engine ranges from 25 to 115.

Kincaid Equipment Manufacturing (left) offers machines with a capacity ranging from 425 gallons to 1200 gallons. The engines range from 13 hp to 98 hp, fully variable mechanical hydraulic agitation.

Bowie Industries, Inc., offers machines with a liquid capacity ranging from 354 gallons to 3171 gallons. The engines range from 13 hp to 140 hp. All units have mechanical agitation.

Express Blower, Inc.’s self-contained or TM unit can be trailer mounted, truck mounted, or configured as a roll-off unit. The MD unit is rated at 300 hp, while the HD unit is rated at 335 hp.

Turbo Technologies, Inc., hydroseeding machines have a capacity ranging from 50 gallons to 1600 gallons. The engines range from 3.5 hp to 27 hp. Jet agitation is available for the smaller units. The 500, 700, and 1000 series are available with mechanical agitation.

Eden Manufacturing offers commercial hydroseeding machines with a capacity ranging from 750 gallons up to 1200 gallons. The units can be skid type, trailer type or truck-mounted. Standard features include mechanical agitation and hydraulic drive. The 1200 Seeder has a high capacity pump and features reversible, variable speed agitation.

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